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Having a medical office you trust, that treats you with respect, makes all the difference in your healthcare experience. At Ally Healthcare, our doctor, physician assistants, and all of our staff are dedicated to ensuring that every patient receives the care they need with the consideration they deserve.

Coordination of Care

As a Primary Care Provider for adults over the age of 18, we provide referrals when specialist’s care is required based on the patient’s insurance guidelines. If you see more than one doctor, we collect records from your specialists so that all of your medical treatment documentation is in one place. This coordination of care is very important in considering treatment options and assessing your overall health. With all of your care monitored in our office, you won’t run into conflicting treatment plans.
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Going Above and Beyond

Our office features an on-site lab so that we can perform diagnostic tests and obtain fast results. This translates to faster treatment for you so you feel better sooner! But we don’t just treat your illness. Our practice strives to treat the whole patient. We are your partner in your medical care, so we treat you through wellness services, preventive care, and more.

We don’t just provide healthcare. We CARE. Our patients know that we are here for them and that they have a trusted medical resource 24/7.

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